Celery oleoresin

Celery oleoresin is obtained by solvent extraction of the dry seeds of Apium graveolens. Celery Oleoresin is a natural food additive and dietary supplements. It is extensively used as spice.

Celery oleoresin is obtained by solvent extraction of the dry seeds of Apium graveolens. Its volatile oil has strong aromatic flavor. Main constituents of Celery seed Oleoresins are d- limonene and sedanolides. It is greenish yellow in color and possesses strong flavor. Celery seed Oleoresin is soluble in various essential oils but insoluble in water. Celery Oleoresin is a natural food additive and dietary supplements. It is helpful for people suffering from an over supply of uric acid. These properties can prove useful in cases of bladder disorders, and kidney disorders. It helps in preventing urinary tract infection and helps in the fast removal of internal body toxins. It also aids in the digestion of protein and promotes the onset of menstruation. It also provides relaxing, cooling and calming effects to the body. Celery oleoresin is extensively used as spice. It is also used to flavor soft drinks and unpleasant medicament. It is anti- oxidative and is also used in curing rheumatic.


  • CAS Number 8999-35-3

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