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  • Job

    Both for experienced specialists and individuals starting their careers.
  • Internship

    Lasting up to 3 months, summer, and year-round.
  • Paid internship

    Lasting at least 6 months.

What do our employees say, and what kind of candidates are we looking for?

In employees, I value perseverance above all else, the will to keep fighting despite adversity, and self-belief. Loyalty is equally important - we are a team and want to rely on each other in every situation. I also appreciate the willingness to continually develop and take on new projects.

If we add a sense of humor and creativity, which often save us in the toughest situations, we have the profile of an ideal candidate

Anna Business Development Manager 20 years at Cortex Find out more about Cortex

Cortex Chemicals is an exceptional company that allows me to develop on many levels while providing excellent working conditions.

Working in this company has often proven to me that there are no impossible things, all while maintaining the principles of cooperation and partnership. I value working in an experienced, ambitious team that takes on new challenges every day.

Mirosława Logistics Specialist 4 years at Cortex Find out more about Cortex

Work is a significant aspect of our lives - it consumes a substantial part of it. I'm delighted that I landed in a company like Cortex Chemicals, which cares for its employees in terms of work-life balance, development opportunities, and support in pursuing goals.

Thanks to high self-commitment and the help of colleagues and supervisors, my journey to my current position as Business Unit Manager has been a pure pleasure. My path started as a Sales Assistant in 2020. Look where I am now!

Dagmara Business Unit Manager 3 years at Cortex Find out more about Cortex

I have been working at Cortex Chemicals for many years. The company is primarily about people, and as far back as I can remember, I have always had the support of my colleagues.

In the division where I work, we form a supportive team that helps each other, making it much easier to solve problems, take on new challenges, and support personal development.

Wojciech Key Account Manager 21 years at Cortex Find out more about Cortex

At Cortex, I value the dynamics, competencies, and the speed at which my superiors make decisions. I am thrilled to be a part of the logistics team - I'm impressed by the comprehensive knowledge of the senior employees who have been with the company for three or even four decades. On the other hand, younger colleagues bring freshness, energy, and enthusiasm to the team when it comes to achieving our goals.

It's pure pleasure, even on the cloudiest morning, to open the doors to the logistics department, say "Hello, Everyone," approach my desk, and... get involved in my tasks.

Maria Marine Transport Coordinator 1 year at Cortex Find out more about Cortex

Working at Cortex has given me the opportunity to develop and expand my skills through its wide range of offerings and participation in various training programs.

Thanks to Cortex Chemicals, I was able to pursue relevant studies that are very useful in my current role. Each workday brings new challenges and opportunities to broaden my horizons, which prevents falling into a routine. The company's value is also reflected in its employees. My colleagues stand out for their professionalism, dedication, and willingness to help in any matter.

Karolina Quality Specialist 1,5 years at Cortex Find out more about Cortex

Why is it worth applying to us?

    • Development

      We are committed to developing our employees' skills, which is why we offer financial support for postgraduate studies, training, and industry conferences.
    • Life insurance

      We want employees and their loved ones to feel safe.
    • Vacation subsidies

      Because we know that a person doesn't live by work alone, and leisure time is just as important.
    • Holiday packages

      Because holidays are a time of joy, for everyone!
    • Internal promotions

      We appreciate employees' performance and commitment.
    • Multisport card

      In a healthy body... a happy employee! That's why we support physical activity and offer subsidies for Multisport cards.
    • Medicover

      We know that the health of employees and their loved ones is paramount. We provide subsidies for various Medicover packages.

What can you expect during the recruitment process?

  • Analysis of candidates' resumes

    We evaluate candidates' experience and qualifications and make decisions on whom we would like to invite for further interviews. If the CV does not meet our criteria, the candidate is notified through the portal through which they submitted their application.

  • Phone interview

    During which, we aim to learn about your expectations, understand why you want to work with us, and also ask you a few questions in English if the position you are applying for requires it.

  • The first recruitment interview

    Which takes place remotely and is an opportunity to meet your future supervisor.

  • Recruitment task

    Depending on the position you are applying for, we may ask you to prepare a task that will help us assess your skills in practice.

  • The second recruitment interview

    Also conducted remotely, during which we want to get to know the selected candidates even better and also tell them about working in our team.

  • Decision-making

    Inviting the selected candidate to join our team. Could it be you who will support our #Cortexteam?

We value your time and commitment, which is why we always provide feedback. Whether we invite you to join the team and extend a job offer or thank you for participating in the recruitment process, you will always receive a clear response from us.

What do you most commonly ask about? Q&A

You could not find any suitable offers?

We are looking for people who take initiative, who wish to develop, who are able to work in a team and quickly adapt to changes.

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