Quality policy

Quality policy

Wydanie 7 z dnia 2024.03.20

Cortex Chemicals Sp. z o. o. operates in the field of trade in chemical substances. Since the beginning of our activity, our goal has been to strive to best meet the expectations and requirements of our customers by maintaining the highest quality of the products offered and services provided.

The Quality Policy is implemented through the following quality goals:

  • striving to complete orders that fully meet customer expectations, taking into account the capabilities of suppliers of goods, the impact of the business environment, guided by the best logistics techniques in the storage and transport process
  • searching for the best management techniques in the field of trade and distribution
  • constant striving to optimize the entire supply chain
  • continuous improvement of staff qualifications through systematic training and recruitment of new, qualified employees, associates and contractors.
  • rational use of resources aimed at actively contributing to environmental protection to the greatest extent possible, taking into account the nature of the business.

We declare that all aspects of our company’s activities will be adjusted to the principles adopted in the company resulting from the wording of applicable legal provisions and standards resulting from the provisions of the implemented quality management systems. All stages – from receipt, through trade, storage and delivery of products to the customer – are carried out taking into account these requirements.

All employees shape the company’s image on the domestic and foreign markets with their work, guaranteeing the highest quality of services as part of a constantly improved system.

The company’s management ensures that this Quality Policy is known, understood and followed by all employees, and that it provides appropriate resources to implement this Quality Policy.

Management Board of Cortex Chemicals Sp. z o. o.

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