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About Us

Cortex Chemicals is a Polish distributor of modern chemical raw materials, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and additives from the feed industry. For several decades, we have been involved in cooperating with a number of domestic and foreign established manufacturers. In addition to the international distribution of technical and food chemicals, we also provide dedicated services such as mixing or repackaging of all types of products (powders, crystals, liquids), as well as the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). Over the years, we have consistently worked our way up to the status of a reliable and professional company: in the corporate sector, we currently have more than a few dozen employees and our product range includes more than 900 products dedicated to various industries. With a focus on continuous development, we are raising the industry bar by implementing new quality standards in the domestic and international distribution process.


Our Vision and Values

They say of us: committed professionals. Working with contractors from all over the world as a professional distributor of food and technical raw materials for several decades, we actively support the manufacturing, polyurethane, mining, construction, food, pharmaceutical and dietary supplements, cosmetics and animal feed industries. In business, we act quickly, efficiently and comprehensively, but we do not forget that our company is made up of people – we care about our employees and support them in their continuous development. The fundamental aim of our company is to maintain the highest possible quality: in terms of the raw materials we trade in, the services we provide to our customers and, finally, the relationships – both those with the companies we work with and those with our customers.


Many Years of Experience

We are trustworthy because we know exactly what we are doing. The distribution of cosmetic raw materials, semi-finished products for the food segment, the distribution of chemical raw materials or semi-finished products dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, the animal feed industry and many others are topics that we as a company have been dealing with for many years. The experience gained during this time has enabled us to develop a strong and stable position on both the Polish and foreign markets. The long and rich history of our company shows its multi-stage development adapted to the needs of the market, it also demonstrates our unwavering commitment and consistency in action, and finally it reflects our knowledge, skills and, above all, excellent knowledge of the sector.


Professional Approach

In our dialogue with contractors, we focus on professionalism, which translates into every stage of our cooperation. We are well aware that a comprehensive approach backed by knowledge and experience is the key to success and only in this way we can offer our clients the full spectrum of services for mutual benefit. However, many years of experience, company objectives and certainty of operations on the market are not everything: we also explicitly focus on development and the continuous upgrading of employee skills. Our ambitious and dynamic team is made up of salespeople, biotechnologists, nutritionists, food technologists and specialists with higher professional education.


Top Quality Services

As an expert distributor of food and technical raw materials, we are always looking for the best solutions in order to provide the highest quality service. This is a general priority for us, which is why we work with accredited laboratories and each of our deliveries has the relevant approvals, including ISO 9001, GPD/DPD, GMP+ or PL-EKO-01. The quality of the services we offer is also confirmed by our track record, our network of trusted business partners worldwide and, last but not least, our growing number of satisfied customers.


Speed and Flexibility in Action

We have seen time and time again that rapid response to customer needs and lightning-fast key decision-making are among the most important aspects of successful collaboration. We therefore act quickly and effectively and take an individual approach to each customer, tailoring specific solutions to their needs, and minimising risks between manufacturer and customer.


Innovative Solutions

We are aware that the professional distribution of food and technical raw materials is a very dynamic industry that is growing at a dizzying pace. This is why we regularly attend the most important industry events – trade fairs and conferences all over the world – which allows us not so much to stay up to date, but in a way to stay one step ahead of the competition. Thanks to this approach, we have an idea of the latest trends and can introduce and test the most innovative solutions. We also organise international thematic conferences ourselves with practical opportunities to apply the skills we have learnt, thus ensuring the development and education of our clients.



We have warehouses throughout Poland and abroad and a professional service that is open 24 hours a day. The strategic location of warehouses and office facilities on the map of Poland and the company’s dynamic and experienced logistics department enable us to fulfil orders quickly and transport materials efficiently both at home and abroad. We deliver our semi-finished products on time, with attention to transport safety rules.


The quality of our services is evidenced by our ever-growing number of satisfied contractors and customers. We work with raw material producers from more than 30 countries, enabling us to achieve an annual turnover of several tens of millions of euros. Our business partners include some of the world’s largest companies from countries such as India, Korea, Brazil, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Hungary.


Why Us?

The sourcing, sale and supply of various technical and food raw materials is an industry that is growing rapidly and dynamically. We know from experience that reliable business partners and a stable relationship with them is a key aspect of successful market operations. Why partner with us?


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