Lactobiotic Acid

Lactobionic acid is widely used in cosmetic industry as exfoliate and anti wrinkles product.

Lactobionic acid is a sugar acid. It is a disaccharide formed from gluconic acid and galactose. Functions:
1. Prevent and reverse the apearance of photoaging,including lines and wrikles, unvenen pigmentation, enlarged pores,and roughness;
2. More effective, safer and better tolerated than glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acids) to exfoliate and help smooth the skin;
3. The safety and efficacy can be further increased by using natural alkyopolyglucoside-based vehicle instead of polyethylene glycol emulsifier (PEG)
4. Antioxidant:Scavenges free radicals and inhibits lipid peroxidation.
5. Skin lightening:Suppresses melanin production in cultured mouse melanocytes in the presence of an analog of a melanocyte stimulating hormone.6% lactobionic acid in a alkylpolyglucoside-based emulsion led to a marked decrease in the melanin index after being applied to skin sites on the forearm for only 2 weeks.
6. Increased skin hydration: has strong water-binding properties and has demonstrated the ability to increase the production of glycosaminoglycans in the skin.
7. Enhanced barrier function:Increases the integrity and cohesion of the stratum corneum and accelerates barrier recovery.
8. Increased skin thickness:8% lactobionic acid increased skin thickness of the forearm by an average of 6.9% after 12 weeks, compared to a 1.9% increase in untreated forearms.


  • CAS number 96-82-2
  • Einecs number  202-538-3

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