Women in the labor market. ESG is not just about environmental issues.

The implementation of sustainable development principles is becoming an increasingly important component of business operations. These principles encompass areas related to environmental protection, social responsibility, and adherence to corporate ethics. In the context of an ESG strategy based on the 2030 Agenda, it is essential to consider Goal 5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development, which focuses on gender equality.

Eliminating inequalities, supporting women’s education and entrepreneurship are key steps towards a fairer and more equal society. Striving for gender equality in the labor market is a challenge that more and more organizations are taking on. As Cortex Chemicals, we can boast significant successes in this area.

The company offers opportunities for development to female experts in various fields: trade, biotechnology, dietetics, and food technology. We employ and support women with higher education degrees in relevant fields, specialists in their fields, as well as young individuals who are just starting their professional careers and want to take on the challenge of international trade. To structure our guiding principles, we have developed and implemented relevant documents, such as:

  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Code of Ethics
  • Policy on Preventing Discrimination, Bullying, and Harassment

Corporate Social Responsibility

Statistical data and reports show that there is still much to be done regarding ethical business practices. Women, despite having higher education, often hold lower positions than men and work in sectors of the economy considered to be dominated by women. At Cortex Chemicals, over half of the management team is composed of women, and currently, we have 16 well-organized female leaders among our ranks.

Interestingly, our internal data contradicts commonly held societal perceptions. In a study conducted by the Pollster Research Institute (commissioned by the Congress of Women’s Association), respondents were asked to respond to the statement >>mainly men occupy managerial positions<<, and 53% of the participants agreed with this statement, including 60% of women and 47% of men.


Internal Promotions

The aforementioned report also cites a qualitative study conducted among Human Resources (HR) department employees. This study identifies key reasons for the inequality in career paths between women and men within the company. This issue involves various forms of discrimination, including not only differences in wages but also limitations in professional development opportunities, promotions, and access to training. The study shows that women are sometimes overlooked for promotions by management, but they also often refrain from taking on new responsibilities. How do the managers at Cortex Chemicals address this issue?

Equal opportunity is the foundation of our personnel policy. Regardless of gender, age, or other differences, every employee has equal opportunities for advancement. Internal promotions are a key element of our personnel strategy. It’s not only a way to recognize and appreciate hard work but also an opportunity for skill development, gaining new experiences, and building a career within our company, emphasizes Justyna Bielamowicz, HR Specialist at Cortex Chemicals.

Main challenges for women in the labor market in Poland:

Women advance, manage, and build lasting professional relationships. However, it’s not an easy path. It’s important to remember that there are still many aspects of inequality that need to be addressed. What blocks women from further development?

  • Family responsibilities – Family obligations remain the main reason for women’s labor force inactivity. Women are more often employed part-time or work part-time hours to balance work with family duties.
  • Discrimination – Women are still discriminated against in the labor market, especially regarding wages and career advancement.
  • Feminization of certain professions – Women are still often employed in professions with lower professional status and lower pay.

The issue of gender equality resonates in many areas. On October 9, 2023, the Nobel Prize in Economics for research on the situation of women in the labor market was awarded to Claudia Goldin. The Nobel Committee awarded the prize to the 77-year-old economist from Harvard for “expanding our understanding of women’s outcomes in the labor market.” The verdict stated that Claudia Goldin identifies key factors influencing gender inequalities in the professional sphere. It’s encouraging that women are speaking up on such an important issue, being noticed, and appreciated. So, not just Skłodowska-Curie!


In chemistry, in business, in international trade, as well as in life, balance is needed. The idea of sustainable development by the United Nations organizes and provides a comprehensive plan of action aimed at improving the quality of life for people worldwide, while also safeguarding the planet’s resources and promoting sustainable socio-economic development.

At Cortex Chemicals, we are building a stable and growth-oriented workplace together. We are open to talents! In our company, we emphasize the identification and development of unique skills. Our human resources management initiatives focus on creating an inspiring work environment, supporting the development of individual skills, and building lasting relationships with our team,” encourages Nicole Gromniak, delegation specialist.

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Ilona Kuźniarz
Brand Marketing Manager
Cortex Chemicals sp. z o.o.

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