Spiceuticals® in our offer

It’s our great pleasure to inform that the offer of Cortex Chemicals has been extended with Spiceuticals® – ultimate answer for spice nutrients.

They are 100% natural, also intended for vegetarians. Clinical studies confirm their effectiveness and high bioavailability. Products have been appreciated by buyers and consumers around the world.

Between 22 and 24 of march we where visiting “Food Ingrediends China” (Shanghai). Organizers delivered specific and sense exchibitors list.

The offer includes: CurQFen®, Capsifen®, Clovinol®, FenuSMART®, procynCi®, Asafin®, Ginginoll®, Cilantrol®, Cuminox®, HiBCyn®, blaQmax®, Longperin®, CurcuFresh®, StabilRose®.

Cortex Chemicals is the exclusive distributor of Akay Spiceuticals® in Poland.

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