SMETA 4 Pillar audit in Cortex Chemicals


To ensure the highest quality of cooperation and to guarantee good practices at Cortex, the SMETA 4 Pillar audit was carried out in our company – one of the most demanding and valued ethical trade audits for SEDEX members. Its purpose was to verify the compliance of the principles of ethics and social responsibility of our business.

Good relations with employees

The activities carried out confirmed that at Cortex we care about good business practices, which manifests itself in various areas, including relations with employees. The following aspects were highlighted as good examples during the audit:

• good and friendly atmosphere at work,

• treating employees with respect and dignity,

• bonus and incentive system for employees,

• employee satisfaction survey conducted in 2021,

• company’s participation in the costs of additional health insurance and sports package.

We act in accordance with business ethics

We are glad that we have managed to create an organizational culture in which employees feel appreciated and motivated to work. We also believe that their health and well-being is the key to the success of our company. We are proud that Cortex is audited for business ethics and we are committed to continue working on developing our business in accordance with the principles of CSR.

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