Revolutionary protein – replace animal protein in your products with yeast protein

Yeast protein is a complete protein, which is an excellent substitute for animal and plant proteins and can be successfully used in dietary supplements or typical amino acid products for athletes. In addition, it is an organic product, suitable for vegetarians or vegans

What is worth knowing about AnPro® yeast protein?

The proteins found in commercially available food products can differ from each other, and they can also complement each other. People who consume animal or vegetable protein on a daily basis can substitute it partially with yeast protein. This protein is a yeast component, produced with the use of microorganisms during the fermentation process. The results of experiments carried out to date have shown that it is a product that increases protein absorption and accelerates digestion.

Anpro® is a hydrolyzed protein from yeast that can be used in all types of foods, such as milk, energy bars, cakes, protein drinks, protein bars, meal replacement powders, and dietary supplements. It is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians. It is non-allergenic – free of gluten, soy, lactose and other allergens.

The key advantages of this protein include:

  • a set of essential amino acids
  • high bioavailability
  • has no agents in it such as protease inhibitors, phytates, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones,
  • provides protein essential for the human body,
  • non-GMO.

In the composition of this yeast protein, we can find essential amino acids which the human body cannot synthesize on its own. This type of amino acid should be supplied with food or supplements. Commercially available yeast protein has as much as 75% high-quality protein in its composition, as well as 17% excellent fiber.

The diagram below shows the composition of this product in percentage form.

composition of AnPro

At this point it is worth noting that amino acids are the basic building blocks of the human body; they also have an energetic, immune and regulatory function. Fiber lowers blood glucose and cholesterol levels, has a positive effect on digestion and metabolism, absorbs water, reduces hunger and improves the appearance of the skin.

BCAA in AnPro® yeast protein

Also present in AnPro® yeast protein from Angel Yeast are BCAAs, which are distinct amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine and valine. This makes it a dietary supplement recommended for people who train athletically, are physically active and on diet. The effects of consuming branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are usually visible after a short time because they take part in metabolic processes, reduce the feeling of tiredness and stress, have a positive effect on the assimilation of other proteins and allow the body to regenerate better.

Use of hydrolysed yeast protein

AnPro® yeast protein, as an input for the production of finished products, can be used in goods targeted to the following consumer groups:

  • athletes who want to build their muscles as well as eat properly, burn fat and improve their appearance,
  • physically active people who exercise recreationally but want to improve their body’s recovery after training,
  • people controlling their weight, on a weight loss diet or undergoing a lifestyle change,
  • seniors with sarcopenia (a disorder characteristic of older people who lose muscle mass and become weaker),
  • vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians,
  • people who care about the environment and quality products in their diet,
  • people who avoid GMO products.

AnPro® is environmentally friendly – supports the circular economy

The main part of yeast production is fermentation occurring naturally in the environment. This causes the production of this protein not to be directly affected by climate and human activities. Hence, the product is ecological and environmentally friendly, which is important to people caring about the natural environment. Compared to animal and even plant-based proteins, Anpro® yeast protein reduces carbon footprint and water consumption.

Anpro® yeast protein production is stable, unlike animal husbandry or plant breeding, which involve a variety of breeding/cultivation cycles. It is worth noting that the yeast industry operates in the circular economy model. The food source of yeast is sugar molasses. This results in an exceptional quality product that has no negative impact on the environment, promoting a sustainable industry.

Consumers are eating less and less meat

Increasingly, consumers are choosing to replace animal products with plant-based, vegetarian or vegan ones. Yeast protein used in the manufacture of dietary supplements fits perfectly into this trend. Some of the top reasons why people are eating less and less meat include:

  • living sustainably and ecologically,
  • caring for the environment and animals,
  • avoiding antibiotics, pesticide residues,
  • avoiding products containing GMOs,
  • concerns about the possibility of transmission to humans of zoonotic diseases.

Part of the population is eating less meat, and thus less animal protein and essential amino acids. This is another argument for supplementing your diet with an additional supply of yeast protein.

Yeast protein in products for athletes – the most important amino acids – a complete substitute

AnPro® yeast protein is a product designed for athletes who train regularly, but also for people leading an active lifestyle, which includes physical activity in a more recreational form. Currently, essential amino acids are considered one of the most important elements of nutrition for physically active people. Leucine, histidine, methionine or phenylalanine are some of the most important essential proteins, and their presence in the diet has many positive effects, including:

  • building muscle mass – positive effect on the process of muscle hypertrophy,
  • better recovery after training,
  • burning fat and excess calories,
  • more efficient functioning of the cardiovascular, immune and endocrine systems,
  • reduced levels of perceived stress and fatigue,
  • increased energy levels and improved mood.

The chart below shows how yeast protein compares to soy protein (plant-based) and WPC protein (animal-based):

nutrition digestibility AnPro

No ingredients of animal origin

Yeast protein combined with proper diet and training makes the fat tissue decrease while the proportion of muscle mass increases. The composition of this product includes all essential amino acids of animal origin, which makes it unique, or even revolutionary in comparison with the available substitutes. Equally importantly, it is organic and healthy for humans. Additionally, yeast itself is one of the very rich sources of B vitamins, biotin and folic acid. They also contain minerals such as selenium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and chromium. Examples of sports nutrition products that can be made with yeast protein:

  • protein powder – the most popular and typical supplement for athletes,
  • protein bar,
  • breakfast cereal,
  • cereal bar,
  • products for weight reduction.

Yeast protein – game changer in nutrition

AnPro® yeast protein is a game changer – a product that changes your current diet and has the following benefits:

  • a nutritious source of high-quality protein,
  • a complete product containing nine essential amino acids,
  • EAA and AAS indexes are similar to animal proteins and much higher than plant proteins,
  • high BCAA content,
  • tailored to the needs of athletes, weight-conscious people and seniors,
  • free of GMO and other additives,
  • free of ingredients of animal origin,
  • free of pesticides, antibiotics or hormones,
  • free of gluten, soy and lactose,
  • suitable for allergy sufferers,
  • suitable for vegans and vegetarians,
  • ecological, environmentally friendly, produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

AnPro® is an innovative protein for a healthy diet. By choosing yeast protein, you can support the environment and – with an active lifestyle – your health, fitness and proper recovery. This is a huge potential for dietary supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturers as it is used in a wide range of products.

The manufacturer of Anpro® protein is Angel Yeast, founded in 1986. This company specializes primarily in the processing of yeast and its derivatives. This article is based on the manufacturer’s materials.

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