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Minerals for the Immune System – In Stock Now

We are a distributor of Dr. Paul Lohmann’s additives. If you are interested in purchasing this product, let’s contact with us!

Are you looking for the best quality mineral salts? In our warehouse we have available immediately:

Protect your Health!

  • A balanced and needs-oriented supply of nutrients keeps our body running
  • In times of a higher demand of minerals, food supplements are a powerful tool to support the immune system and to protect our health
  • The EFSA approved Health Claims for Zinc, Iron, Selenium und Copper contributing to the normal function of the immune system


Use Conditions for Health Claims

  • To use a Health Claim, the fortified product has to fulfill at least the conditions for the claim „Source of Minerals“
  • Source of Minerals: A claim that a food is a source of minerals, and any claim likely to have the same meaning for the consumer, may only be made where the product contains at least a “significant amount” of minerals
  • Significant amount of vitamins and minerals are according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers:

15 % of the NRVs (nutrient reference values) supplied by 100 g or 100 ml in the case of products other than beverages
7.5 % of the NRVs supplied by 100 ml in the case of beverages
15 % of the NRVs per portion if the package contains only a single portio


Ideas from the Supplement Market

Product Name Davitamon Junior 1 To 3 Multivitamins And Mineral Nutritional Supplement: 75 Melt Tablets With Strawberry Flavor
Company Davitamon



Product Name Sona Sugar Free Zinc Food Supplement:
24 Chewable Tablets
Company Sona Nutrition


Product Name Genius Nutrition Vitamin X5 Liquid With Orange Flavor
Company Genius Nutrition


Product Name Neo Peques Vitazinc Food Supplement: 30 Gummies With
Strawberry Flavor
Company Neovital Health


Product Name Itsme Now Immun Complex:
Immune Complex Dietary Supplement, 120 Capsules
Company Die Nems


Product Name Vita Icepop Multivitamin Supplement
Company Bottega Verde


Product Name Vimergy Zinc Dietary Supplement
Company Vimergy


Product Name Vitspritz Adult Multivitamin Food Supplement Oral Spray:
Orange Flavor
Company Mijo Healthcare


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