Case study – the development of the Client’s business in the plastics industry

Client’s business situation

A Client operating in the plastics industry, a manufacturer of pipes, decided to enter the market with innovative products. After purchasing a production line, its adjusting and preparing, he needed assistance in the process of starting the production.


Solutions supplied by Cortex Chemicals

Due to a close, long-term and exclusive cooperation with ASUA Company, a leading producer of stabilizers, individually developed one-packs for all PVC applications, such as pipes, profiles, cables, sheets, foils as well as products for injection moulding, Cortex Chemicals had the possibilities and necessary resources to take an active part in the process of production launch. Also our employees’ experience and knowledge of the plastics industry were equally important to guarantee the successful accomplishment of the project.

Our sales manager in cooperation with the producer’s technologist supported the Client in the field of monitoring the machinery parameters, adjusting them and dosing the blends in order to achieve the expected product.


The result of cooperation

After a successful production trial, which we actively took part in, the Client is constantly increasing his productive capacity utilization. At present, the production is in progress at the level of 80% of powers. With the possibility of the production of around 100 tons of PVC monthly, it gives about 5 tons of stabilizer a month.

We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the Client’s business and we make efforts to support his production, especially in today’s difficult conditions on the plastics market, where the very start of the production is already a success. Its further increase is an optimistic forecast for the future development.

At Cortex Chemicals we are also prepared for a sudden increase in the demand on the Client’s part and due to reliable logistics and an efficient storage network we are capable of fulfilling the orders on time.

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